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Kill and Cover- how to create large new bed areas in a lawn.

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Kill and Cover- how to create large new bed areas in a lawn.

“Kill and Cover”- a shortcut for creating new beds in an area with lawn 

Many people ask us to cut our huge areas of sod when they are creating new bed areas. Unless you are planning to have plain soil beds and do active flower planting in the areas, there is NO NEED to remove the sod. This is a method used for creating new beds in an existing lawn.  It saves all the tedious work and EXPENSE of cutting out big areas of sod and hauling all that material away only to fill up the space with rock or mulch anyway.  The old turf left underneath won’t hurt anything. It will rot away to nothing before long. Why haul all that material away, just to haul more material in to fill the hole? 

 1) Use your hose to lay out the line.

2) Cut just one swath with the half moon edger or with a sod cutter.

3)  Spray all the grass behind the curb with “Roundup” to kill the lawn.  Click HERE for a link on the pragmatic use of roundup in your yard    or HERE for an article on theoretical and potential dangers of roundup and click HERE for alternatives to roundup

4) Plant your shrubs  

5) Install fabric

6) Install rocks/ mulch, keeping it back 18″ from the prepped line

7) Call us to come by and install the curb.  

8) Finish as needed

On this job, we are ready to install the curb. They will kill and cover the sod afterwards.
Ground prep - 01
Here the homeowner prepped by killing then running a rented sod cutter. We could just as well do the single strip of sod cutting just before laying the curb

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