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Picture Perfect

We help to create picture perfect yards like these!

Most of the work in these photos was designed by us with the homeowner’s goals in mind.

Curbing is not just about finishes and colours. It is mainly about great design. people see the big picture, not the details of the finish on your curb.

It takes an artistic touch to make a landscape look as fabulous as these!

The comments on the photos are aimed to give you some design tips. 

Here are a few pointers:

keep curves gentle

irregular curves are better than equal curves

Avoid symmetry!  Some people seem to feel they need it, but symmetry in a landscape comes across as forced and unnatural.

Consider the future growth of trees and shrubs. especially spruce trees

Consider areas where the lawn gets baked by reflected sun from the exposed walls of the house.

Under eave areas need consideration. They may need to be covered with rock or mulch because they do not get rain or sun

Consider privacy: location of screening trees from neighbouring decks, windows

EASY mowing! plan coming on and off the mowing edges smoothly with the mower

avoid straight lines of curb along property lines