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Adding on to your curb


If we have done a curb installation on your property, and you want to add on – as in a new bed area, or changing an existing line of curb, no problem! We do not enforce a minimum amount of curb for an add-on, but we cannot come with truck and crew for under $200. 

Keep these pointers in mind:

We can lift out sections of curb to “blend” new curb areas into the old line., or if you want we can just butt the new curb against the old, but usually it flows better if we lift out sections of the old curbing. 

Colour match cannot be guaranteed. We usually do fairly well, but there are just too many factors involved, not the least of which, we sometimes cannot identify the colour or intensity of the colour originally used.  Old stamped curb can usually be “toned” with sealant and release to get a reasonable match to the new curbing. If you have your original invoice, we wrote that information on it.  We unfortunately cannot retrieve the information on our end.

To order an “add-on” job: Please use our web project form!  Specify if you have done the prep, or if we should do it, and how many feet of curb you need. Please upload at least two photos– one closeup in good light- of the curb we are trying to match, and a picture of the prepped area, or of the area with a hose laid out how you want the curb to go. Some people have sent a photo with mark-up sketch on it. That’s perfect! This is easy to do now with a smart- phone, as most have this feature built-in, or there are free apps you can use to draw on a photo.