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How does curbing work with a mower?

zero turn mower

Here is a bit of video showing how our curb works with a riding mower.

The deck height is set so it sweeps over the curb. For my place on an acreage, that height is right for the whole lawn.

Some mowers have an outboard wheel. Ideally you would keep that on the curb, but in the video you will see my choppy driving, and it doesn’t matter if the wheel stays on the curb or not.

You don’t need to go back with the weed whacker unless you feel you want to clean up that front edge some more. Occasional weed whacking (annually) helps, because it gets the buildup of wind-blown debris and grass clippings away from the front edge of the curb. If you never remove that debris, eventually the lawn will start to climb over the curb. Ideally you would power edge the curb once a year along with your spring cleanup of the beds. See edging page.

The video is a bit rough as I don’t have three hands, but you can get the idea!

Mowing with riding mower

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