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There are several profiles available.

Most residential curbing is done with either the mower edge, flat top, or the low angle border profile.

It is unusual to use any other except as separations between bed materials or specialty applications

See sidebar or this gallery for actual photos.

Mower edge 6″ wide 3-4″ high. This is the classic unstamped curb. It can be smooth or lightly brushed. The wheels of the mower ride on the lower surface, which is even with the lawn. This way the grass all gets cut by the mower blade. This curb can be tinted- generally charcoal or a light brown. This curb is very tough when pinned to asphalt. it can be used as gravel path edging too.

Low angle Border. 6″ wide, 3-4″ high. This is a better mowing edge than the classic”mower edge” above. This one is usually stamped but works well with a smooth or brushed finish as well. If left unstamped, it is best tinted charcoal colour. It actually gives more room for the mower wheels to ride on than the mower edge profile mower edge profile

flat top

Flat top. 6″ wide, 3-4″ high. Used to separate bed materials or paths or as a mowing border around beds if set deep enough. it can be stamped, smooth or brushed. 

round top

Round top. 6″wide, 3-4″ high. Used to separate bed materials or as a border for a path. Never stamped. Not the best looking lawn edge in most people’s opinion.

Slant back

Slant-back. 6″wide, 3-4″ high. this curb is taller and steeper, so it shows nicely but is not as good as a mowing edge, because the mower will tend to slide off. But some people want that curb to show more, or are concerned about unusually thick landscape materials being retained in the bed. 

5X6 ( Driveway )

5X6 used for gravel driveway edging or where a slightly raised bed needs a taller edge. When used for driveways it is usually pinned to the base and installed with optional horizontal steel reinforcing. It can be stamped, brushed or smooth.

6X6 Chamfered

6X6 Chamfered.  small retaining wall or for parking lot curbs. Can be stamped or brushed but not smooth.


6X6. used for commercial curbs in parking lots. Not very attractive for residential bed edging. Brushed. Can be stamped, but that’s unusual.


Raised garden edge

Raised bed edging. Unique to BestCurb. This is a raised planter edge about 9″ high and 7″ wide at the base. It meets the need for a movable raised bed without the need for weed whacking against the raised part. 


Rain gutter. 8″  wide, 3″ high. Used to eliminate tripping on downspouts and to divert rainwater. The gutter can be blended into the curb. Cannot be run in too flat grade situations, not recommended in shaded areas due to winter freezing.