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There are four choice categories for the style of curb- each has options.

Cupcake or apple? Stamped or plain? …looks like the cupcake is the winner.

1- Profile,

2- Integral Colour 

3- Release Colour  

4- Texture.

To see your choices, click on the link to that page.

Ours is a MIX-N-MATCH system, so there are endless combinations. But making up your own combination may not be necessary. Most people opt for one of the curbs depicted in the photos on our “popular curbs” page  It is still useful to understand how they relate: 

1) Profile

The Profile is the cross-sectional shape of the curb. Most residential curbing is done with either the simpler “mower edge” or the frequently stamped “Low angle border”

2) Integral colour

This is also called the “base colour” it is the colour tinted all the way through the concrete when it is mixed

3) Release Colour

These are the colours that get used to stain  the surface of the concrete in the stamping process. The colour is dusted onto the surface before the stamp texture is applied . It is then washed in to provide a stained antique effect, settling mainly into the lower areas of the stamp impression

4) Texture

This is also called the “stamp” it is the impression  made into the surface of the concrete when it is still soft.

There are other services we also provide

click on the links to learn more

Prep  we can prep the ground for the curb installation.

Steel we can add steel reinforcement to the curb (a recent innovation)

Fabric we can install a fabric margin under the back edge of the curb

Sod hauling  we can haul the scrap material from the prep work away- ask for a quote

Bed Fill in some cases we can arrange to have the new rock material installed in the bed areas we create.

Small Slabs We can supply, install and finish concrete for homeowners who prep the ground and set up forms for small slabs. like the base for a small shed or a landing step, etc.