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Concrete curbing is a quality product, and our reputation is very important to us. We want you to be completely satisfied. We guarantee our curb installation for one year against defects in our concrete mix and quality of workmanship.

We guarantee against rain, hail, or frost damage incurred on the day of installation. We do not guarantee against footprints or other damage caused by the owner or third parties during the early curing stage, though we will do all we can at no charge to remedy such incidents.

All concrete is subject to random cracks, and like sidewalks, occasional cracks are normal in curbing and are expected due to shrinkage during curing or ground movement. We cannot guarantee against ground settling or damage from vehicles. The curb is supposed to crack on some of the control joints placed for this purpose. If there are unusually many cracks between control joints, spalling, or other problems, we will work hard to resolve your concerns in a professional, courteous manner, filling cracks or replacing sections of curb as necessary.

Colour match is not guaranteed, as concrete colours are dependent on may variables, most beyond our control. To see normal colour variations in production concrete note the Edmonton LRT barriers along 111 St near Southgate. There you will see examples of normal colour matching of tinted concrete done by the best contractors in Edmonton.

We have done thousands of jobs in the area, and have not failed yet to address any realistic concerns. The product and processes we use have been proven through thousands of installations over 15 years. There are environmental factors, labour and supply issues that can adversely affect the occasional job.  We have the experience and integrity to accept this, and work to your complete satisfaction.  Call us if there’s a problem!