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Curb Picker

Use the gallery below to choose from our most popular stamp/ colour combinations.

Curb Picker Gallery

Please be patient as picker loads slowly on some devices. Press or click to enter slideshow view. Long press or right click to open full size photo.

Virtually all are on low angle border, so only the last three descriptors are noted with most photos:

The gallery pictures the most common curbs. As ours is a mix and match system, the combinations are almost endless, so many will not be pictured here. Keep in mind that colours are only “ballpark” with concrete ( see colours page for more information). If you want to create a new combination that you do not see pictured, that is not a problem! Just familiarize yourself with the various options of profile, base colour, release colour and texture that are available, and request your curb based on your choices. If something may not work, we will give you feedback!  We have had unusual combinations like green release on black base- giving very nice results. If you are home for the installation, we do not mind doing a test section for you to see before committing.

Understanding curb choice terminology:

The proper description needs to be used  in communicating with us regarding your choices! Here were explain our terminology.

There are four elements to the description of a stamped curb as illustrated in the following photo. If you need more clarification, click the link to the appropriate page:

1: Profile: low angle border (or possibly a flat top profile- can’t tell from this  photo angle)

2: Base (integral) Colour: light charcoal

3: Release Colour: dark gray

4: Texture: Cobble