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Laying sod

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Laying sod

laying sod after curb installation is the ideal way to do a new landscape

Laying sod is not rocket science, but doing it right will lead to a much better drought resistant and healthier lawn. the proper soil mix under the lawn is important. Most people order sod from a local supplier  who delivers it to the driveway or street and then they do it themselves or with friends/family. use the links below to learn more about laying sod, and about varieties of grass.

When prepping, be sure to remove a bit of soil along hard surfaces like sidewalks so the grass does not climb on top. Remember, the grass grows mainly on top of the soil, not down into it. it will also thicken as it matures , growing a thatch. Our curbs are set up so you should not rake extra soil in front. The sod will thicken a bit,  after a couple of years, bringing the turf level with the lower edge of the curb.

Order sod from a sod farm. They deliver it to your address. You need to lay it soon ( 24-48 hours) after delivery. Spread some lawn fertilizer before laying sod. Water it a lot for the first two weeks, but avoid making the ground turn to mush underneath.

Blue Grass Sod  is a great company to deal with. They offer a variety of grass blends: Premium Kentucky Bluegrass, Bluegrass Holiday Lawn ( a slow growing variety that needs less mowing), Bluegrass Fine Fescue Blend ( another low maintenance variety)   They now have a small yard in Edmonton, stocking a variety of materials for landscape maintenance, besides supplying the sod itself.

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A couple of other useful links:

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other Local suppliers:

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